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Are Stocks Breaking Out? Part II
By, Simon Maierhofer
Thursday February 02, 2023
Last week’s breakout warning (partially based on a little-known indicator) was timely as the S&P 500 moved above resistance, eliminated the most bearish Elliott Wave Theory option and unlocked the potential for a sizable rally.


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What last week's Market Outlook suggested is now official. The S&P 500 broke out. The weekly chart below shows the breakout and target (open chart gap, dashed purple line).



People don't give chart gaps enough credit (I love it, because little known indicators are the most effective ones).


Back in August, I wrote via the Profit Radar Report: "The S&P 500 reacted to the purple diagonal resistance and gapped lower. Regardless of how much lower the S&P goes immediately, we can almost be certain that the open gap at 4,218.70 will be closed."


Last week's free Market Outlook also stated: "Perhaps more important is the dashed purple line. It’s an open chart gap left by the 8/19/22 drop. Ever since then I’ve been talking about that chart gap being closed (most recently here: 2023 S&P 500 Forecast)."


In terms of Elliott Wave Theory, the break above the purple line (which coincided with the black trend channel, see chart below) was important. Why?


The January 22 Profit Radar Report wrote that: "It looks like the wheat will be separated from the chaff rather soon (this or next week). Wheat and chaff, in this case, represents a bullish (green labels and arrow) or bearish (red labels and arrow) Elliott Wave Theory (EWT) option (see chart below). The bullish option (move above 4,016) would keep the pressure to the up side for the next weeks, perhaps longer."



I've been a big critic of Elliott Waves, because many tunnel vision analysts have solely focused on their dangerous uber-bearish EWT interpretation and mislead investors.


But in that case, EWT allowed us to pinpoint an inflection point to separate the 'wheat from the chaff' (bullish from bearish path), and it worked beautifully. EWT is a great tool if used responsibly. The next inflection zone is the open chart gap and August high (4,218 - 4,325).


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Below is last year's projection compared to the actual S&P 500 performance.



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Below are some of the warning signs mentioned in the 2022 S&P 500 Forecast BEFORE the stock market fell into a pothole:


- “The bearish divergence (NY Composite a/d lines) reappeared again at the January 2022 S&P 500 highs. This internal market deterioration is a concern and a warning sign.”


- “The 6-month average of Titanic signals exceeded 25. It's been a good bear market indicator. Although the majority of breadth studies are positive, this is one that should not be ignored.”


- “We’ll focus on the commonality of all 3 (Elliott Wave Theory) scenarios: Up side is limited and down side risk is increasing.”


- "Trend line resistance is around 4,915. We do not expect the S&P to break above this trend line in 2022."


- “Short-term, the January 10, 2022 low at 4,582 is important. Failure to hold above this level would be a warning signal with the potential for a quick drop into the 4,200 - 4,300 range. If the 4,200 - 4,300 support zone fails, a test of the 4,000 zone (as low as 3,700) is possible.”


- “2022 is the mid election year, which is the weakest of the 4-year presidential election year cycle. Historically (going back to 1950), the S&P 500 declines on average about 20% into the mid-term election year low.”


- “Since the Fed is planning to unwind and reduce purchases (and shrink its balance sheet) in 2022, the risk of a more serious correction this year is much greater than in 2021.”

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