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VIDEO - Are Silver ETFs Still on Fire or Already Burnt Out?
By, Simon Maierhofer
Saturday September 08, 2012
Silver prices and associated ETFs like the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) are up some 20% since mid-August. Is it still ok to buy into silver or is it time to look at short ETFs like the UltraShort Silver ProShares (ZSL)?

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi speaks about outright bond purchases and the precious metals soar. This anti inflation trade might be the cause for silver and gold’s latest rally (associated ETFs: iShares Silver Trust, SLV and SPDR Gold Shares, GLD), but a technical breakout foreshadowed higher prices already in late July.

Regardless of the cause, will silver prices continue to be on fire or are they close to a burn out point? The video below provides a more detailed technical analysis. 

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